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What Is Bulk Continuous Insulation?

Continuous insulation is insulation that is continuous across the entire structure without thermal bridges other than service openings and fasteners. A thermal bridge is often referred to as a thermal bypass, heat bridge, or a cold bridge. Thermal bridges are where the air moves over an object that conducts heat better than the surrounding materials. An example would be the studs in walls. You have insulation between the studs, but the studs themselves allow heat to escape.

A thermal bridge can allow an approximate 30 percent loss of heat in the winter or cold in the summer. By using bulk continuous insulation, you will significantly reduce the amount of energy you lose to thermal bridges.  There are several different types of bulk continuous insulation presently on the market.

For a building to use less energy, it essential that it is insulated with the proper insulation. This will save money in the long term.

Why Is Insulation Important?

Insulation is often overlooked, and we don't spend very much time talking about it, but it is essential to an energy-efficient, comfortable home. There are several different types of insulation, and it can be made from various materials including fiberglass, cellulose, and different forms of batting.

If you didn't have insulation in your building or home, it would be difficult to heat and cool. Our society is becoming more and more energy conscious, and people want to make sure we are using our resources wisely. Plus, why would you want to spend an enormous amount of money on energy bills?

Good, high-quality insulation is essential. You need to find out how much or how little insulation you need. Several things determine your insulation needs: what type of heating system and your geographic location. Do some research and find out what R-value recommendations are for your area of the country.  There are R-value calculators you can use. Remember to check to see if the calculator factors in drywall.

What Is Insulation R-Values?

All insulation is assigned an R-value. The R-value of insulation refers to the thermal resistance and the ability of heat to transfer from one side of the insulation to the other side. It is essential to know the R-value of your insulation, but it is also vital to understand the R-value of a complete system.

The R-value of a complete system will need to be calculated to take into account how thick the siding is, how many thermal bridges or service openings are present, and what R-value the insulation is. Continuous insulation offers an advantage over other insulation because it allows for less energy loss.

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