There are more roads and highways under construction each year, because of the rising demand or increasing population. The only risk of the new structures is that they may have their foundation on loose or soft soil. One solution to the problem is to buy EPS foam blocks, otherwise known as structural foam blocks

What are EPS geofoam blocks?

EPS geofoam is a light plastic foam that is in block foams that are applicable for structural backfill. The density of the material is light enough to weigh one pound for each square foot. The comparison between geofoam and soil makes it one hundred times lighter in weight. 

Applications of EPS geofoam

The blocks are a replacement of soil due to their lightweight. They are therefore used to cover natural slopes to recreate them to better aesthetical states. The materials’ customizability makes them attractive for the construction of many other structures. It can be cut and made into shapes that are useable in the following areas:

  • Bridges
  • Highways
  • Parking lots
  • Embankments
  • Artificial landscapes
  • Temporary and permanent roads
  • Railway track systems
  • Airfield pavements
  • Hill slopes that have rampant landslides 

It is not as easy to choose a variation of EPS foam blocks. One should consider a geomembrane that matches the intended construction. Each EPS will vary with the following properties:

  • Tensile strength
  • Flexibility
  • Transmission of vapors
  • The toughness of the material
  • The material’s resistance to chemicals
  • The power to prevent a puncture or its resistance to abrasion 

Benefits of using EPS geofoam blocks

EPS blocks have become a popular alternative for traditional formats in the construction industry. The specifications of the foam have increased its public demand. There is also higher usage in some states in the Department of Transportation. The inclusion of geofoam in construction has a projection to rise to 570 million by 2020, with the increased adaptation in various states. 

An example within the construction documents of CALTRANS, in California - the construction agency details of the various aspects of the geofoam coverage and sheets. The documentation states that the geofoam offers protection against gasoline induced damages. This case means that a spill of kerosene, diesel, or petrol will conform to the protective settings of the structure. The corners of the geofoam in use at CALTRANS can block a temperature condition of 45 degrees Fahrenheit. 

  • Besides the lightweight, EPS has several lesser-known benefits.
  • Ease of use and the ability to accelerate construction
  • Ability to endure adverse weather during construction
  • It is possible to face the material in the right direction of scenarios
  • The lightweight reduces construction costs by eliminating burdensome moving procedures
  • EPS requires less workforce than soil
  • EPS does not need further analysis and permissions by the state environmental body
  • It is perfect for projects that have a short timeline
  • It offers superior protection against soil frost 

Why should you buy EPS foam blocks from our company?

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