Expanded polystyrene insulation is an extremely versatile building material that has endless possibilities that have a much lower impact on the harmful effects that it has to the Earth, as compared with alternative types of matter, such as fiberglass. EPS foam is a more environmentally friendly product that is 100% recyclable and is composed of organic elements, such as oxygen, hydrogen and carbon. Applications include insulated panel systems for walls, floors and roofs, in addition to facades for both residential and commercial buildings. Since 1982, Star R Foam has been providing EPS manufacture in Phoenix that is considered the highest quality of production that can be found.

Star R Foam is known as the number one rated company that offers state of the art EPS manufacture in Phoenix, and throughout the entire state. EPS is manufactured from styrene monomer, and low levels of styrene occur naturally in many plants, fruits, vegetables, nuts and meat. EPS is a derivative of ethylene and benzene and is made by using a chemical process which produces semitransparent spherical beads of polystyrene, and are about the size of sugar granules. During this process, a low boiling point hydrocarbon, usually pentane gas, is added to the material to help with expansion during processing.

When coming into contact with steam, the pre-foaming agent found within the polystyrene beads, which is usually a hydrocarbon such as pentane, starts to boil and the beads are expanded to between 40 to 50 times their original size. After their expansion, the beads undergo a maturing process in order to reach a balance in temperature and pressure. The beads are placed within a mold and again reheated with the steam. The pre-foamed beads expand further, completely filling the mold and merge together. The beads are molded to form blocks or customized products and when completed, EPS is comprised of 98% air.

Block molding produces large blocks of EPS which can then be cut into specific shapes or sheets that can be used in both packaging and building construction applications. Shape molding produces pieces which have customized designed specifications, such as electronic product packaging in particular, where shape molded EPS is used extensively. The energy used in the manufacture of EPS is recovered within six months by the energy saved in the buildings in which it was installed. The manufacture of EPS uses less than 0.1% of global crude oil as a raw material, but it can offer up to 200 times its own resource in energy savings.

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