How to Select the Best Foam Block in Texas:

- There are numerous products on the market today, all claiming they can meet the needs of your application, when in fact, few products can really do that. If you thought all styrofoam blocks were pretty much the same, we invite you to see why StarRfoam’s EPS blocks are different from any other product on the market. Visit and click on the ‘Featured Products’ link to take a closer look at what is considered to be the best foam block in Texas- and beyond!

- It surprises many contractors to learn that styrofoam is not really a product, but is a trademark for a foam product that has been on the market for decades. If you’re still using the same styrofoam insulation that you were using when you got into the industry, you should know there are better products out today that are manufactured using innovative new materials and technology. StarRfoam’s EPS blocks, sheets, shapes and other materials are the premier insulation products meeting the needs of home and commercial building contractors. We’d like to show you why StarRfoam’s EPS products outperform the competition.

- Your trademarked or unbranded ‘styrofoam’ block is most likely not 100% recyclable- StarRfoam’s EPS blocks are. That means they are completely eligible to be recycled at the end of their lifespan, so they’ll stay out of your local landfill. At the same time the other styrofoam materials are being manufactured in such a way that they will take more than 500 years to decompose, EPS is a breath of fresh air to environmentalists. Being green makes it a very popular material for construction projects looking for better solutions to insulation.

-for user-friendliness when it comes to an insulation product. StarRfoam’s EPS blocks are considered in the industry to be one of the easiest to use products you can buy. As EPS can be cut and molded into any shape desired, it san save valuable resources, time, and labor on the job site, making it a terrific product for a contractor looking to stay within budget. StarRfoam’s products meet or exceed the requirements of ASTM C578 Standard Specs for Rigid, Cellular Polystyrene Thermal Insulation; the fact is, you couldn’t find a better foam block in Texas.

- As a cost-effective solution to home, office, factory or school insulation, nothing performs as well as EPS from StarRfoam. As a product that offers exceptional moisture resistance in its application, EPS also resists the growth of bacteria and will not rot over time. Your clients will experience measurable energy savings over other forms of insulation due to its thermal resistance properties.

Feel free to contact a foam specialist from StarRfoam by calling 800-722-6218 or by filling out the contact form online to connect with the company. If you’re in search of the best foam block in Texas, we’re certain you’ll find StarRfoam’s products will meet your needs. Check out the online Spec Sheets to find out more.

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