You have many options when you decide to remodel your home. A big choice is choosing is whether you should insulate the house with new or old concepts. A significant percentage of homeowners prefer foam insulation because it offers extra advantages and is easy to use. The material has a low lifetime cost and allows one to realize the worth of the investment with extreme efficiency.

Benefits of using foam insulation in Phoenix AX


Foam insulation offers extra ability than fiberglass insulation. The material is excellent at controlling the internal air and keeping excess external heat from entering the room. The central concept of this form of insulation is that it expands to fill cracks and holes during application. The typical spots that allow entry and escape have enough coverage.

Easy installation

Foam is comparably more comfortable to install. The use of foam insulation makes installation and removal of drywall and floors easier than if one was using its alternatives. 

Foam insulation makes the job easy because one does not need complete access to the area of the installation to complete the process. Foam installation can take shape after spraying into small opening and cracks within the region. The foam expands to occupy the entire area with minimal to no complications. 


Cost is a huge consideration in a home’s remodeling project. One is hesitant to choose the foam if it has a more significant ticket price than anticipated. Factors that affect the price include the retail pricing, labor, and possible requirements of replacement. Spray foam is a more affordable variation because it requires little work.

Lower bills

Your home does not have proper sealing when it has dozens of small gaps, cracks, and small holes. Some holes are big enough to equal the size of the home’s door. Foam insulation fills in the spaces and drives down consumption of energy by at least thirty percent.

Pest control

Poorly constructed insulation materials foster the growth of rodents and pests inside the content. Star R Foam does not include ingredients that appeal to parasitic animals or insects. Generally, the organisms cannot inhabit an area that has a strong barrier against pests. 

Fire resistance

Some foams have a low fire blocking rating. Our foam insulation Phoenix AZ has a rating that slows the spread of flames. The gaps between the outlets and wires do give enough oxygen for the projection of fuel.

Controlled humidity

Presence of gaps and cracks within the home foster growth of mold. The condensation increases with high humidity levels and sometimes causes the formation of frost. Warm air rises and gets through to the attic and ceiling. The mold growth causes eventual rotting and home damage and possible health issues. 

Foam insulation has a decent amount of absorbability and reduces the amount of moisture in the area. The ultimate benefit of reduced humidity is lesser chances of health problems like allergies.

Reduced noise

Sound travels fast through gaps and cracks within doors, walls, and windows. Sealing the gaps with foam insulation in Phoenix AZ creates a noise-free ambiance and a comfortable living environment.


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