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Granite Countertops Edmonton

 Beautiful Benefits of Granite Countertops

In Edmonton, a lot of people have chosen to upgrade their home kitchens with granite. This all-natural stone material offers a bounty of beautiful benefits, including longevity and ease of cleanup. If you're thinking about remodeling your older kitchen or if you're building a new home, do consider granite countertops in Edmonton.

Added interest

When it comes to adding interest and personal appeal to your home, few kitchen improvements compare to the installation of one of a kind granite countertops. Eco-friendly, sanitary, and attractive, natural stone kitchen surfaces boost a kitchen's reputation as the heart of the home.

Impossible to scorch

Granite is formed by nature with great heat and intense pressure and can certainly withstand the heat of any kitchen pot or pan you happen to place upon it. When you have granite countertops in Edmonton installed in your kitchen, you never again have to hunt for a trivet or tile to protect your counter top from scorching.


Granite is a super tough material and very, very hard to scratch. In fact, there may be no more durable countertop material that stone. Professionally-applied stone sealer can make your kitchen granite even more stain resistant and is well worth the small additional cost at the time of installation.

Ease of repair

Although granite countertops in Edmonton are very, very durable, they can still become damaged and require repair. Fortunately, a professional granite installer may be able to repair and reseal the stone in such a way that the damage is virtually undetectable. Granite's made to last and can look beautiful for a long time with minimal maintenance.

Bacteria resistant

The non-porous surface of granite countertops means your kitchen can stay cleaner longer. Bacteria, grime, and grunge just can't soak into a polished granite surface, no matter how hard they try. The smooth, sanitary surface of granite countertops in Edmonton makes it easy to wipe up spills and messes as soon as they happen.

Granite is ideal for bakers

Due to their absolute flatness, granite countertops are the preferred surface for rolling out pie crust or cutting cookie dough. Whether you are a professional chef or simply a weekend hobby baker, you're bound to be impressed with the smooth flat surface of your Edmonton granite countertop.

Granite countertops never fade

A counter top made of granite, quartz, or other natural stone is impervious to fading. Put granite countertops into the sunniest kitchen, and the natural colour will always remain as brilliant as the day it was installed.

Natural and always elegant, natural granite is an ideal material for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities, too. Remarkable for its water-resistance and durability, granite is the right surface to choose for everlasting beauty that compliments your personal style.

When you are ready for a free estimate, contact us without hesitation. We are Wild Rose Granite, and we know everything there is to know about crafting high-quality granite countertops with state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. Because we manage every aspect of the process, we can offer you great granite for a very fair and reasonable price.






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