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Marble Countertops Austin Texas

Marbles are metamorphic rocks. They are mined and undergo the cutting process to form different sizes and thickness. That makes it possible to fit into your kitchen space.

These rocks are even known to be the primary material used for some ancient monuments and pillars from the history. With its long-lasting durability, it is considered as one of the choices for worktops, bathroom, and bars.

Here at Bella Stone, we provide the best marble countertops in Austin, Texas. We believe in the beauty of marble rocks and help our customers acquire a one of a kind counter for their kitchen. The available designs are numerous to cater to the different tastes of each client that we have. Colors are from darker shades to lighter hues that will perfectly match your home.

Benefits of Marble Countertops

There are a lot of good things about choosing marble for their kitchen tops. More and more customers are now seeing the advantages of having marble instead of another kind of stone. For instance, the natural characteristic of marble is its durability. With proper care, it can stand for generations unscratched. 

But even if it looks unbreakable, it is soft enough to make it easier for cutting down its sides. This helps it to have elegant edges for a finished product.

Marbles remain cool enough to help you work freely on the surface. It is heat resistant. It won’t burn or catch fire. But be careful as well as it may leave dark marks on the surface you placed the hot pan or cookware.

It is affordable than you think. The prices of marble countertops in Austin, Texas are competitive. You may first think it is pricey if compared to some stones. But with the quality of a marble kitchen top, you are even saving a lot more money since you do not need to upgrade your counters over and over. To top it all, it is add market value to your very own house.

Cleaning Your Marble Counters

Keeping it clean is just necessary to make your counters hygienic and free from any bacteria and stain. This will also prevent any cracks, breaks and unlikable appearance to your worktop. To do this, you may need to follow some simple ways of cleaning and maintaining it.

Cleaning is simple. If you have a marble stone cleaner, you may use it. But if none, use gentle dish soap, and warm water. Mix it and apply it to the surface for cleaning. Once it dries, use another cloth to dry it up.

Sealing is highly recommended to avoid stains that may remain on the marble tops. Resealing may be required after, it is best to ask for help from us for expert advice.

Bella Stone Marble Counters

For any kitchen improvement, make marble stones your choice for countertops. We offer the over-all package of assessing the complete upgrade, removing of the old counters, designing, and installing of the new marble kitchen top. Call us now and avail of the free estimate for your kitchen board.

Marble Countertops Austin Texas
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