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Continuous insulations became an energy-saving standard after its release in 2004. Despite its growing popularity, some designers, homeowners and building professionals still have confusions about its use. The first step towards unraveling this mystery and the understanding importance of its purchase is learning the basic functionality of CI.

What is continuous insulation?

It is the use of an insulation material that does not leave gaps and flaws within the building’s structure. The goal of this type of insulation is to increase thermal performance by reducing the amount of energy that escapes.                                            

Framing components reduce insulation by at least fifteen percent and metal frame constructions reduce heat loss by forty percent. Continuous insulation offers the full performance of its R-Value.

Why you should buy ci insulation

Higher thermal performance

R-Value is the resistance to the flow of heat. The scientific quotient indicates the efficiency of an indicator. A high R factor is better in trapping heat, whereas a top-performing alternative with gaps will have a lower R factor. The number is indicative of reduced performance in trapping heat.

Ci insulation covers every joint and space within the length of its application area. Proper sealing protects heat loss through normal processes such as conduction, convection, and heat radiation. Use of this method of insulation in cold areas reduces the electric bills by sustaining suitable temperatures in the interior.

StarRFoam provides high performing insulation materials. Our varieties of materials have different R-values for different performance requirements. The variation also determines where one ought to use each specific ci insulation foam.

Structural function

The unitary manner of ci insulation works together with the building’s structure for offering a firm unit. Other insulation materials that do not cover the length of the wall will always have a mechanical failure and poor distribution of loads. Ci insulation helps supportive building materials such as nails to have strong adherence.


The overall benefit of insulation helps improve the health of the household. You will not feel a stream of cold air from a gap in the poor insulation material. Houses in icy regions will have dependable heat throughout the year.

Another study states that use of ci insulation safeguards against infections from the growth of mildew and mold. This result is because the dew tends to shift from the building’s interior to the exterior. The reduced condensation reduces the growth of the mold and mildew by a significant percentage.

Fewer repairs

A good reason to buy ci insulation is the reduced rate of repairs. The materials use a more efficient energy system; hence, homeowners do not have to keep repairing joints and crevices between foams. The overall result is longer lasting materials that boost efficiency and performance.

Water layer

Builders understand the all-encompassing benefits of ci insulation materials. Using cellulose and wool in cold climates will not prove beneficial. The materials will absorb plenty of moisture, making the insulation to reduce by a significant percentage. The materials used in ci – polyester, fiberglass, rock wool and polystyrene, provide ultimate protection against heat because of minimized moisture absorption.



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