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Continuous insulation uses standard thermodynamics and physics rules to prevent excessive flow of heat. The building’s insulation prevents moisture damage and helps energy efficiency. Star Foam manufactures insulations that will fit any climatic conditions, home design, and budget. This diversity means that we design and produce different types of continuous insulations.

Types of ci insulations and common manufacturers

Expanded polystyrene – EPS

EPS is the most common type of rigid foam. It has a low R-value and a low price of about thirty cents in the market. Due to its physical composition, EPS tends to absorb water and have a minimum compressive strength. It is, therefore, suitable for lightweight duties and applicable in many areas such as the following:

  • Cavity walls
  • Pre-cast concrete panels
  • Cold storage and freezers
  • Interior walls
  • Sheathing
  • Crawl spaces

EPS ought to have the structural support of house wrap and plywood or OSB when used for sheathing. StarRfoam manufactures EPS and sells it as StarRGard. Another avid ci insulation manufacturers of EPS in the United States is Insulfoam.

Neopor Graphite Polystyrene

This foam is highly efficient and surpasses the EPS, XPS, and EPS. It has avid usage in remodeling structures and spaces below grade or slab. The industry standard indicates that NPG offers up to twenty percent more energy-saving than traditional ci insulation foams.

The manufacture of NPG involves inserting high graphite particles in polystyrene beads. Insulation manufacturers convert the graphite material into dark material that offers a significant improvement in energy consumption. The graphite content improves efficiency because it gives a reflective property to the foam.
NPG is available from StarRFoam in several types:

They all have a ten to twenty material savings in comparison to other ci insulations and a hundred percent warranty for twenty years. They meet the manufacturing codes of 2012, 2015, 2018, IRC and IBC.

Extruded Polystyrene – XPS

This product contains the flame retardant makeup, HBCD. It has a high R-Value and offers higher resistance against water absorption. The average market value of this type of CI insulation is 47 cents per square feet. XPS is a popular option in buildings and often suitable for use under slabs. A known manufacturer of XPS in the United States is Owens Corning.

Polyisocyanurate – ISO

This foam is the most expensive among all other types, selling for approximately seventy cents per square feet. It has a high R-Value and ranks higher in environmental friendliness. ISO is not suitable for use below grade because it absorbs water. Johns Mansville is a top manufacturer of this particular foam.

Mineral wool – R-4

This foam contains basalt rock and steel slag in its composition. It is easy to handle and offers resistance against fire, sound, and water. It has a lower R-Value than most foams. The foam allows permeation of vapor and provides easy installation Roxul is a well-known manufacturer of mineral wool.

More insulation is usually better. StarRFoam is one of the superior ci insulation manufacturers due to the production of graphite infused polystyrene. Our products have a steady performance for many years.



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