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Why Choose StarRfoam Foam Board Insulation:
If you’re looking for high quality foam insulation, there’s only one smart choice on the market. Our StarRfoam foam board insulation products exceed our client expectations on a consistent basis. We understand there are many options available to you when looking at form board insulation; at StarRfoam, we happen to be a bit biased about our products. Here’s why:
All of our form board insulation products are 100% manufactured at one of our US locations- two in Arizona and two in Texas. US made foam board is going to be a much better product than what you would find being imported. Our manufacturing process is overseen by company experts who demand that our form products are of a consistent, high quality standard. You’ll find they will perform better for your custom application than mass-produced imports.
For roofing, nothing beats StarRfoam’s tapered form board insulation, flute fill, holey board, fan fold, and starRgard insulation. See our ‘Roofing’ section for specs and uses for our products. The benefits of using our StarRfoam foam board insulation for roofing includes: its lightweight construction, stable R-values, proven performance, cost-effectiveness, mold resistance, moisture resistance, code approvals, termite protection, and no CFC, HCFC, or formaldehyde.
Our cavity wall foam board insulation is lightweight, closed cell foam with a rigid structure that has been manufactured from expanded polystyrene. Our cavity board is available with metallic, reflective, clear or white facers and meet or exceed ASTM C578. This is an exceptionally energy efficient product that will prove its cost-effectiveness to your project early on.
We manufacture specialty foam board insulation as well, and our specialists can custom-manufacture a product to reflect your needs or objectives on the job. Just give us a call to speak with one of our product experts to discuss your goals. We often receive custom orders for foam board insulation that will be used for flotation, cold storage, packaging, or other unique purposes, and we have no problem designing or creating a product to match your situation.
For below grade and foundation walls, we have a unique foam board insulation product that is specially designed and manufactured for this purpose. This foam provides superior protection from expansive soils and is 100% environmentally friendly. As with all of our foam products, our below grade and foundation foam is 100% recyclable. See complete benefits on the product page located on our website or place a call to a company rep if you have questions about this or any other product we manufacture.
Our only goal is to ensure you end up with the right foam product for the job at hand- one that is structurally superior to others on the market today and will prove to be easy on your project’s budget. Our StarRfoam office number is 800-722-6218- feel free to call if you need assistance choosing the right product or wish to speak with someone abut a custom order.
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