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Tips For Choosing the Best Foam Insulation For Your Construction Application:
Tip #1: Make sure your preferred product is manufactured in such a way that the finished product is up to code. Simply finding a product that looks and sounds good is in no way an indication that it will work well for your application or pass strict construction codes in your area. StarRfoam EPS foam insulation products are specifically manufactured for insulating qualities in home and commercial construction. You can find out more about StarRfoam’s user-friendly EPS products by selecting the ‘Featured Products’ link at the top of the home page.
Tip #2: Opt for a product that is eco-friendly. StarRfoam’s EPS blocks, sheets, shapes and other materials are CFC and HCFC-free. Your clients will appreciate the fact that you selected green building materials and insulation products for the construction of their home or business, and you can feel great about doing your part to save the environment. StarRfoam is committed to providing quality insulation materials that are manufactured to the highest standards in green solutions.
Tip #3: Work with a manufacturing company that champions special requests. StarRfoam is happy to accommodate your customized order. Simply click on the ‘Special Request’ link at the top of any website page or place a call to 800-722-6218 to speak with a company expert who will be happy to assist you with your order. StarRfoam offers a wide range of options in insulation, including EPS blocks, sheets, unique shapes and other materials that are ideal for roofing, walls, flooring, foundations, attics, crawl spaces, and below grade applications. For special projects such as flotation, cold storage, door cores, packing, spa covers, or stadium seating, ask for a specialist when calling.
Tip #4: Ask your prospective company about the properties of their foam insulation to ensure they meet the standards of your project. StarRfoam’s EPS insulation offers superior moisture resistance, is geared toward energy efficiency, offers constant thermal resistance, is chemically inert, and is budget friendly. Best of all, it’s easy to work with, so you’ll find your crew will save valuable time during installation. With a product this user-friendly, you’ll want to use it in all of your construction projects.
Tip #5: Find out what other contractors are using on the job and what kind of results they’re getting from their products. Feel free to check out online testimonials and reviews from StarRfoam clients eager to share their experiences with you and other contractors. There’s no substitute for word of mouth reviews when it comes to comparing materials. Visit StarRfoam on Facebook to see their 5-star ratings, or check out the photo gallery to see the kind of results others are getting from the number one foam insulation product on the market today.
For unparalleled roof, walls, floor, and foundational insulation, only StarRfoam’s EPS products have what it takes to deliver the kind of results your clients deserve. Find out more on the website in the Q&A section, or call StarRfoam today at 800-722-6218.

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