Graphite Polystyrene Insulation

 Whether you’re building a home from scratch or remodeling, one of the most important factors that you need to consider is the insulation. There are a wide variety of different choices, but Graphite Polystyrene Insulation, or GPS, has many features that make it stand out from other rigid foam insulations. Star Foam has taken advantage of the benefits GPS has to offer and implemented it in some of their best products.

What is Graphite Polystyrene?

GPS is a rigid foam insulation that is ideal for wall application, useful for decreasing energy use and increasing the insulation’s R-Value. It consists of high-purity graphite particles, integrated with expanded polystyrene polymer in order to enhance the R-Value. The R-Value, which means resistance value, is used to measure how well material can resist heat flow. This measurement is used on walls, doors, and windows to see how well insulated they are.

The product is very lightweight and thin, which makes it easy to work with. You can also identify it by its unique platinum/gray color. It is a popular choice in both commercial and residential construction.

How can Graphite Polystyrene help me?

Graphite offers many benefits to the homeowner, including long-term savings on energy, easy and quick installation, and more usable space. When you compare Graphite Polystyrene Insulation to its competition, such as rigid polystyrene foams, it retains more of its R-Value when the cold weather comes. This means that’ll you need to use less heat and energy to keep the desired temperature. 

Because less material is needed to retain its R-Value, the slabs weigh less and are thinner. This allows you to work with the material easier and install them faster, saving time and money on labor. Your home is meant to protect you and your family, when it comes to installation, you will not only be keeping them cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter, but you’ll also save more money in the long run.

How does Graphite Polystyrene work?

It works in almost the same way the traditional expanded polystyrene insulation works with the exception that the high-purity graphite material provides a reflective property that allows the insulation to be more energy efficient. Naturally, warm air always moves toward colder air. This includes the warm air in your home during those cold nights and warm air outside your home on those hot summer days. Insulation acts like a barrier with trapped air to slow down the movement of heat. Graphite Polystyrene Insulation uses the graphite to reflect the heat hundreds of times before escaping, significantly reducing the transfer of heat.

Proper insulation also needs to be breathable and quick-drying. GPS does a great job of allowing water vapor to move out of the wall system to prevent molding and water damage, which can harm the structure. To make sure that you are getting the highest quality of materials available, go to Star Foam. Our company has a reputation for providing top construction materials and services.

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