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Some Helpful Uses Of Houston Styrofoam To Consider
Derived from the styrene monomer (a liquid hydrocarbon), the term “polystyrene” refers to a group of plastic materials that are stable in various physical forms. Basically, this is a synthetic packing or insulating material that is both lightweight and expandable. It is not always easy to recycle polystyrene as it is a very versatile material.
As one of the most popular forms of plastic used in everyday life for insulation, construction, packaging, and housing electrical appliances, Styrofoam is produced by the polymerization of the petrochemical styrene. Also known as polystyrene, this transparent, stiff, and hard thermoplastic which already has a straightforward processing is also very easy to recycle.
Uses of Styrofoam
Styrofoam is highly valued for its cushioning and insulating properties. It is widely used to make roadbank and roadway stabilization systems, automobile parts, foodservice and food packaging, surfboards, lightweight protective packaging, home and appliance insulation, laboratory ware etc. Just so you know, there are several ways Houston Styrofoam can be used to benefit man. They include:
In the construction industry, blue boards (sheets of extruded polystyrene) are used to insulate roofs, pipes, walls, and floors of building interiors as a means of protecting them from the elements. The field of construction has and is still benefiting from the use of Styrofoam even to this every moment. Due to their excellent ability to effectively prevent sound, moisture, and extreme temperatures from penetrating into spaces, Houston Styrofoam has remained a highly valuable material to reckon with in the building construction industry.
Food industry
Due to the low-cost effectiveness of the Styrofoam, it has become a commonly used material for preserving food. The food industry is famous for its use of extruded polystyrene to package and distribute food in trays, coolers, beverage containers, and takeaway containers. This material does well in helping to insulate, maintain shape and retain the temperature of hot and cold food.
A good number of people use Styrofoam to perform household decorations and craft projects. Cone, block, and ball-shaped pieces of Houston Styrofoam can be used to carry out decoration tasks with other craft supplies like beads, craft jewels, fabric, and paint to create candle holders and ornaments. Styrofoam is also used to secure silk flower arrangements at the base of a vase. This material is also very handy in the hands of children who enjoy using to construct planet replicas as part of their school projects. Styrofoam can be obtained in various shapes and sizes including such as cubes, eggs, discs, and hearts.
Packaging is one of the major uses of Styrofoam due to the high-level of protection it offers especially when it comes to shipping products. In the packaging industry, various sizes of Styrofoam ranging from large pieces to packaging peanuts are used for packaging goods ready for shipping. When it comes to shipping products like audio systems, custom shaped pieces of Styrofoam are used to get them properly fitted into place. For most fragile goods like electronics, materials like small extruded polystyrene pieces (packaging peanuts) can be used to cushion the effects of pressure and protect them from damage.
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