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6 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Las Vegas Styrofoam
The era of recycling is here. From water bottles to styrofoam, everyone is encouraged not to throw out items when they no longer appear useful for what they were originally produced. If you have styrofoam packing chips you want to throw out, stop and read this list of six different ways to reuse styrofoam efficiently around the house.
1) Make a Kickboard With Styrofoam
Did you know that you can easily use styrofoam to make a kickboard? That's right. All you need to use is a sharp kitchen knife to cut a part of the foam into a kickboard and use it for your swimming pool.
2) Make A Floating Tray For Your Pool With Styrofoam
You already know that styrofoam is almost unsinkable, but you probably didn't know that you can use some scraps of Las Vegas styrofoam from your old cooler to make your pool tray or drink holder. It will float conveniently in the pool. To make your tray out of styrofoam, simply glue tiny strips of the foam around the edge of a larger portion of the foam. The small edges should be 2.5 centimeters high. You can place your snacks on the tray and use it in the pool as you relax on a hot day.
3) Use It As An Item Holder
You can use styrofoam to make a holder for ice cream or snow cones in your freezer. Trim the styrofoam to fit flat into your freezer. Put small holes in them in such a way that they are large enough to hold the cones in place. After making your ice cream or snow cones, slip them into the foam holes.
4) Use Styrofoam To Secure Your Nail Polish
You can put styrofoam between your fingers before you apply your nail polish. It will help spread your nails apart and keep the nail polish untouched until after it dries up. Simply remove the foam when it is dry.
5) Make Shipping Pellets Out Of Styrofoam
If you want to ensure the safety of your delicate items during shipping, simply add tiny pieces of styrofoam to a blender, blend it and use it to pack your goods before shipping. It will keep delicate items safe during transportation.
6) Keep Shrubs Alive During The Winter With Las Vegas Styrofoam
Sometimes, it takes a little more effort to keep your shrubs alive during the winter. This is because shrubs can shrink and die when exposed to intense cold. You can aid their survival by using leftover styrofoam to block wind and road salt from the shrubs. Simply cut two sheets of styrofoam and lash them over the plant like a small tent. You can hold them in place with bamboo garden stakes. Use the stakes to hold them in from the bottom of the foam into the ground. Another way to protect your shrubs is to use four pieces to serve as a box to the plant on four sides. After that, put a stake in each corner. Use duct tape to join all the pieces together. Your shrubs are more likely to survive the winter if they are protected with this material.
These are just a few hacks on how to reuse Las Vegas styrofoam in your home.
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