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Los Angeles Styrofoam Supplier: 6 Ways To Recycle Styrofoam For Your Home
You may have noticed (if you are perceptive enough) that most of the electronic devices, appliances, equipment, and gadgets that people commonly use are supported with Styrofoam to prevent any damages. For those that are Los Angeles Styrofoam supplier, and the more observant consumers out there, you know that Styrofoam isn’t biodegradable. People are now making an effort to be more eco-friendly.
A lot of the significant gadget and appliance companies are also doing their part and are beginning to lessen their use of Styrofoam. Others have even eradicated it entirely and have switched to recycled papers and boards. These boards and papers are as supportive and protective of products as Styrofoam. However, the Los Angeles Styrofoam supplier knows that Styrofoam has a lot of other uses (such as in construction).
So knowing that Styrofoam is not biodegradable and that a lot of homes may have Styrofoam laying around, here’s a couple of creative ways to reuse and recycle Styrofoam.
1) Make a Garden Pot
Recycling Styrofoam requires a lot of creativity to come up with and conceptualize ideas that you can use. For example, you can utilize it as a garden pot. All you need to do is scrape off some inner portion of the Styrofoam till you have a basin or a pail. Then you can put your garden soil and plants in it. Ensure that you put some holes underneath. This allows excess water to sip through; you don’t want to drown your flower/vegetable after all.
2) Cork Board
You can also use Styrofoam to make a cork board as long as the foam is leveled and flat. You can pin reminders and little notes on it. With a bit of creativity, you can design a frame to hold the Styrofoam and pushpins, and you’ll have your very own handmade cork board.
3) Sculpting
If you are good with your hands, you can make small designs and sculptures out of Styrofoam. There are Los Angeles Styrofoam suppliers that also sell readymade Styrofoam sculptures that can be used to beautify your home.
4) As support in your homes
If creating and designing is not your thing, you can turn the Styrofoam into a useful tool in your home. It can be used to support appliances, as a protector, stopper, and support, and on the corners and edges of big devices, so they don’t end up scratching other materials. If the Styrofoam piece is big enough, it can be used to elevate your home appliances just as a precaution in case of a flood.
5) As a Sealing Material
It can also be used to seal tiny holes in your ceiling roof. If you put a little gasoline in a container and slowly add Styrofoam, you’ll see it start to melt, and before you know it, you get a very sticky gel that can be used to patch holes or used as an adhesive. It is however not advisable to use this indoors because of the gasoline.
6) Look for companies to take it off your hands
If none of the ideas appeal to you, you can look for businesses that will be happy to take the Styrofoam off your hands. A quick search online and you’ll likely come across several Los Angeles Styrofoam supplier that’ll be happy to get that Styrofoam from you.
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