Polystyrene Insulation California

Benefits of Using Polystyrene Insulation in California Construction:
- If you thought Expanded Polystyrene Foam was just styrofoam with a fancy name, we invite you to learn more about why EPS materials are replacing traditional styrofoam in construction at an incredible pace. The fact is, Styrofoam is really a trademarked name for a specific product on the market. Most products today are superior to styrofoam. Finding the right product for your application starts by identifying what EPS foam is and what it is not.
- EPS is Expanded Polystyrene foam, a lightweight, rigid, closed cell form of insulation that beats most other materials for insulating qualities. StarRfoam manufactures a premier quality EPS that is meeting the needs of the construction industry throughout the state of California for several important reasons: 1. EPS blocks and materials from StarRfoam are budget-friendly, and 2. EPS from StarRfoam is a better product when compared with the competition, and 3. EPS is easier to handle than most other insulation materials.
- When we say superior product, we’re referring to StarRfoam’s EPS material properties that include its strength, constant thermal resistance, long-term R value, sustainability, cost-effective nature, chemical inert properties, and resistance to moisture, bacteria growth and rot. StarRfoam understands the construction business, and seeks to deliver solutions to the most crucial issues faced today in the construction process. We invite you to click on the ‘Spec Sheets’ link located on the StarRfoam.com website to get a closer look at the wide range of products available and how they will benefit your application. We’re convinced you’ll find it superior to what you’re currently using.
- StarRfoam’s EPS blocks, sheets, shapes and materials are green. As a CFC and HCFC-free material, the safety of the California environment is central to the manufacture process at StarRfoam. It surprises many contractors to learn that EPS is 100% recyclable, so you can be assured that it will not end up in the local landfill at any point in the future when properly recycled. If you’re looking for a green alternative to more traditional insulation materials, you’ll find StarRfoam’s polystyrene insulation in California to be the right choice.
- EPS is extremely lightweight, and easy to handle, so your crew will save valuable time in the transportation of, use of, and application of the product. Along with its user-friendly properties, EPS is also shock absorbent, exceptionally moisture resistant, buoyant, comparatively inert, provides zero food value for insects and rodents, will not settle or alter its dimensions over time, and is a vibration dampener. See a full list of benefits by visiting the StarRfoam.com website and click on ‘Featured Products’.
We’re certain you’ll find StarRfoam to be the premier supplier of polystyrene insulation in California. Call 800-722-6218 to speak with an EPS expert from the company or to request a special order. Feel free to ask any questions about the product or your project- they’ll be happy to help. The StarRfoam website offers a comprehensive Q&A section for the most commonly asked questions regarding their EPS products.

Polystyrene Insulation California
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