Tips For Choosing the Right Styrofoam Manufacturers in Utah :

Tip #1: Choose carefully. If you’re in the market for insulation foam, there are numerous options to choose from. The decision you make in the materials you go with will make a big difference in your budget, during the construction process, and in the final results. If you’re currently comparing products, we invite you to take a closer look at one of the most trusted styrofoam manufactures in Utah. StarRFoam’s quality EPS blocks, sheets and other materials offer the moisture resistance, strength, eco-friendly properties, and other desirable qualities your application will benefit from.

Tip #2: Compare costs and take everything into consideration. The price of a product is not the only thing to take into measurement when looking for a product that is affordable. If your budget is on the line, you’ll also want to look into the user-friendliness of the product. StarRFoam’s EPS blocks and products will save you time in working with the materials. As a flexible, durable option in insulation, you’ll find EPS to be a pleasure to work with and in this industry, time saved is money saved. Finally, look at the lifespan of the product and how it holds up over time.

EPS materials from StarRFoam are inorganic, rot-proof, and are stable long-term, so they won’t settle.

Tip #3: Understand that not all styrofoam manufactures in Utah offer the same product. While they may all look alike, a bit of research will reveal the superior product. For excellent moisture protection and insulating qualities, we invite you to check out the ‘Spec Sheets’ on StarRFoam’s EPS blocks, available on the ‘Products’ page or by clicking on ‘Spec Sheets’ at the top of any website page. You’ll find no other product can compare with StarRFoam’s EPS for roofing, walls, attics, foundations, slab insulation, cold storage, crawl spaces, and below grade insulation. StarRFoam welcomes your phone call if you have questions about their products, just call 800-722-6218.

Tip #4: Does your prospective styrofoam manufacturer take special requests? You may want to find out before you start a business relationship with them; the fact is not all of them do. If you require customized EPS or GPS products, StarRFoam is happy to help you out, and is committed to offering exceptional customer service for your project. Submit your special request at the bottom of the home page, or call the office and ask to speak with a foam specialist who will be happy to help you.

For your construction project, there is styrofoam, and then there is StarRFoam- the difference is in the results you’ll experience on the job and after the job is completed. For superior results, discover why StarRFoam is the premier styrofoam manufacturer in Utah. Check out their complete line of products on the website, or for immediate assistance with your order, call 800-722-6218. You will not regret using a better product, StarRFoam guarantees it.

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