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Even if you have a real passion for decorating, it can get a little bit repetitive at times when you try to come up with fresh ideas for your home. While the process might be creative, it can be easy to fall into some old habits instead of coming up with new and exciting ways to enhance the desired space. For many homeowners, decorating with tile is a nice option just because it is so versatile and durable. If you are interested in tile work for your home, it will be in your best interest to find a good tile shop in Danbury CT where you can find all of the materials that you need.

While the idea of the new tile may spark the thought of repetition, you will quickly see that you can get the creative results you are looking for to boost the look of your interior or exterior with the help of tiles. As a matter of fact, the tile may breathe life into the average room and help to set the space apart. You have the ability to pick from unique patterns and beautiful color schemes to create the ultimate living space. 

These are some of the ways that you can work on getting out of a design funk with the help of tiles: 


You can take quite a chance and break some of your design rules by mismatching some of the tiles within any given room of your home. This can be done by browsing a tile shop in Danbury CT and using one type of tile as a backsplash in your kitchen and another type of tile for the floor. For the bathroom, you might be able to use a different tile in your shower than you would have on the floor or even on an accent wall. While the tile is different, you can pick out styles that are complimentary with a base color that is in the same category.


If you are picking out a backsplash for your bathroom or tiles for your shower walls, you do not have to play it safe. Elevate the look by picking out unexpected shapes such as hexagon or a unique basket weave pattern. You also have the choice of textured surfaces, honed or polished, which will add even more depth to the design. 

Even when you hear something like wallpaper is making a comeback or there are other trends, you need to know that tiles are not merely for bathrooms and backsplashes anymore. You can use tile in so many rooms in your home and even bring it to your exterior living space to generate an inviting, well-rounded feel. 

When you get in touch with us at Paramount stone, we can show you that we are the tile shop in Danbury CT that you need. We have a vast assortment of tile available in an array of color families, textures, and shapes so that you can come up with the ultimate tile selection to elevate the look and feel of your home. Set up a time for a consultation today and we will go over your needs.

tile shop Danbury CT
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